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Acne is a condition that bothers many people throughout their lives. Dr. Richard Nolan and the Laser Skin Source in Alameda, California, provide some of the most promising treatment options for patients dealing with acne and its aftereffects, like pitting scars. Laser technology offers a number of effective approaches for reducing the discoloration and scars that acne and other skin problems leave behind for healthier and better looking skin. If you’re suffering from acne, call or click to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nolan at Laser Skin Source.

Acne Q & A

What is acne?

Acne or pimples are common in most people’s lives, even those who were lucky enough to avoid the stereotypical acne scenario as teens. Acne occurs when the secretions from the body’s sebaceous glands plug up the tiny openings in the skin for hair follicles called pores.

The sebaceous glands produce oil that lubricates the skin. When there’s an excess amount of this oil, it pools around the pores, collecting dirt, debris, and dead skin cells. The pores will pull in this pool of gunk and eventually become clogged. That’s what most people know as a pimple.

Pimples come in two formats. Larger pores that clog become blackheads. The smaller openings form a little cap on the top identifying them as whiteheads.

Left unchecked, these clogged pores can become inflamed and tender as the plug pushes downward in the opening. Firm swelling just under the skin's surface is called cystic acne.

What is cystic acne?

Cystic acne describes a more serious form of this condition. The plugged pores are deep and painful. Cystic acne tends to linger for a number of years and can lead to the kind of permanent scars that Dr. Nolan often sees in his practice. Cystic acne is thought to be related to the hormone changes associated with the teen years.

Isn’t acne caused by an infection?

Acne is caused by the clogging of pores. But bacteria love moist, dark areas. When a pore clogs, it creates the perfect environment for these bacteria. It might take a medical intervention like antibiotics to clear up infections before any other kind of acne treatment.

How does Laser Skin Source deal with acne?

Dr. Nolan provides aesthetic medical services, so they offer patients solutions for the pitting scars that come from serious skin problems like acne. Dr. Nolan will examine your skin and make recommendations for ways to reduce scarring and give it a fresh new look. This is usually accomplished with one or more laser treatments. The Laser Genesis™ program is a good example. It stimulates the healing process in the skin to repair damaged areas from the acne. It will also help even out your skin tone.