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Skin rejuvenation can make you look and feel younger. Dr. Richard Nolan of Laser Skin Source in Alameda, California, is proud to provide patients with some of the most innovative solutions available in aesthetic medicine, including the Laser Genesis™ system. This system can improve skin texture while reducing pore size and skin imperfections, like acne scars. Referred to as the “lunchtime laser,” Laser Genesis is a fast and easy way to better skin.

Laser Genesis Q & A

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a YAG laser system, which is a non-ablative laser resurfacing tool. A YAG device like Laser Genesis emits infrared light that resurfaces the skin. It’s a good choice for applications like the reduction of scar tissue and moderate wrinkles. It’s also good for balancing out splotchy skin. The process is noninvasive, making it a better option than harsh chemical peels.

What is skin resurfacing?

Laser Genesis is primarily used for skin resurfacing, which is one way Dr. Nolan helps you look and feel younger. Skin resurfacing is technically the removal of layers of the skin. The goal is to trigger the healing process that naturally grows new skin that’s younger and fresher looking. The new skin cells tighten up the skin too, improving your overall appearance.

Skin resurfacing does all this without surgery, generally with the help of a laser system like Laser Genesis. Laser resurfacing is effective for:

  • Removing acne scars
  • Removing some kinds of wrinkles
  • Balancing out skin tone
  • Tightening up baggy skin


Does Laser Genesis work on the entire body?

Typically, Dr. Nolan will use the Laser Genesis just for the face and neck. It’s sometimes used as part of an overall strategy to improve skin appearance, so Dr. Nolan provides a number of effective approaches for each patient.

What happens during a Laser Genesis treatment?

Many patients report a warming sensation during their Laser Genesis sessions. It’s not unpleasant, like burning. It’s more like laying in the sun. Afterwards, the warming will continue for about 30 minutes. You may feel like the skin is tightening right away as you return to your normal daily routine. It can take a number of sessions to complete the rejuvenation process.

Is Laser Genesis safe?

Laser genesis is noninvasive and safe. It triggers the body’s own healing process without burning or cutting. Dr. Nolan and his staff will advise you to be careful when going outdoors after your treatment. You’ll need protective clothing and sunscreen because new skin is more sensitive. Call or book your appointment online toward better skin at Laser Skin Source.

*Individual results may vary.