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The PicoSure® system offered by Dr. Richard Nolan at Laser Skin Source in Alameda, California, is one of the most innovative laser products on the market because it uses short-pulse technology. More conventional laser systems can put the patient at risk for serious skin damage because they burn off the layers. PicoSure takes a more natural and healthy approach to removing skin blemishes things like unwanted tattoos or dark spots. To find out if PicoSure is right for you, call or click to schedule your appointment today.

PicoSure Q & A

What is PicoSure?

PicoSure is a laser system that can eliminate skin discolorations like tattoos. Tattoo removal has been available for a number of years using nanosecond lasers. These lasers use photothermal effects that damage the skin.

The PicoSure system is different. By using short-pulse technology, PicoSure stimulates your skin cells to repair themselves. PicoSure uses “cell signaling” to make your cells think there’s an injury that needs healing. They naturally begin producing the collagen and elastin needed to make the repair.

Does PicoSure hurt?

There is very little pain associated with the PicoSure system. Many of Dr. Nolan’s patients comment on how getting a tattoo removed this way hurts less than having it done in the first place. Some patients experience a mild sunburn sensation. The treated area may swell a little. Both of these side effects are temporary, though.

How long is the recovery time after a PicoSure laser session?

That will vary from patient to patient. In some cases, it may depend on how much surface area is treated. Most patients go right back to their normal activities after leaving Laser Skin Source.

How long does the session take?

This will depend on the patient and the reason for the treatment. For example, a large tattoo might take a little longer than a dark spot. On average, most PicoSure laser sessions are completed in 15 minutes or less.

How should a person prepare for a PicoSure laser treatment?

Dr. Nolan’s staff will go over what you need to do to prepare when you make the appointment. In general, you should try to stay out of the sun before a treatment. It’s best to avoid any kind of tanning, in fact. The change in pigment can interfere with the treatment process. You should also come to the office clean and without creams, oils, or makeup on your skin. They can get in the way and make the laser less effective.

*Individual results may vary.