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Richard Nolan, MD

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It’s the high-technology equipment that really makes a difference when it comes to removing unwanted tattoos. Dr. Richard Nolan of Laser Skin Source in Alameda, California, uses one of the best lasers in the industry, giving patients more comprehensive removals. With PicoSure®, Dr. Nolan can eliminate even dark inks and tricky colors. Many patients enjoy full removals without the skin damage that used to be common. If you’re interested in laser tattoo removal, call or book your appointment online with Dr. Nolan at Laser Skin Source.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

Why consider laser tattoo removal?

The decision to get a tattoo removed is a personal one, but it is a procedure that more and more people are seeking. Getting a tattoo, especially at a young age, is sometimes an impulse decision, one that people can come to regret later in life. It’s estimated that about 20% of people with tattoos wish they hadn’t gotten them.

At one point, removing these unwanted tattoos was a painful experience -- one that left the skin with irreversible damage. Advancements in laser technology, including the introduction of the PicoSure laser treatment system, has made this procedure less of a concern.

What is the PicoSure laser treatment?

Traditional systems used to remove tattoos require nanosecond lasers that deliver energy at a slow rate. They work by burning the pigment off and damaging the skin using photothermal effects. The PicoSure system takes a more natural approach to tattoo removal. The laser uses a distinctive wavelength of light to activate the processes within skin cells that trigger healing. This way, your body starts to generate new collagen and elastin naturally that eliminate the tattoo without burning it off.

Since this system doesn’t focus on burning the tattoo off, the size and color of the ink isn’t an issue. PicoSure is able to remove even the difficult blues and greens that tend to persist with traditional laser removal systems.

How long does it take for the tattoo to disappear?

In general, it depends on the size and color of your tattoo. That will affect how many sessions are necessary to completely eliminate the ink. Dr. Nolan recommends each patient wait from four to six weeks between sessions to give the tattoo time to fade before continuing. Dr. Nolan and his staff work with you to figure out what you can expect from your tattoo removal.

Does the PicoSure System hurt?

The PicoSure laser system is basically painless and comes with few side effects. Some patients experience a sunburn-like sensation on the treated area and some swelling, but it’s temporary. The recovery time is short. Most patients resume their regular activities that same day.

*Individual results may vary.